Discipleship - Following Jesus

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  1. Reading The Bible Regularly Is Good for You
  2. Who Do You Trust?
  3. How To Read The Bible
  4. Tithing
  5. The Light Of The World
  6. It's Not How You Start
  7. The End Is Nigh
  8. Out Of Alignment
  9. The New Heavens and New Earth Church (Shincheonji)
  10. Dealing With Stress
  11. The Favour of God
  12. Is This You?
  13. Sex, Consent and Personal Responsibility
  14. How to Hear God’s Voice
  15. Forgiveness Is Not An Option
  16. Church Discipline- A Bible Study
  17. Journalling and Bible Reading
  18. Journalling- Against Deception
  19. Journalling- Testing Your Thoughts
  20. Journalling and the Holy Spirit
  21. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Self-Control
  22. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Gentleness
  23. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Faithfulness
  24. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Goodness
  25. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Kindness
  26. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Patience
  27. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Peace
  28. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Joy
  29. The Fruit Of The Spirit- Love
  30. John Piper: 10 Reasons To Read The Bible Every Day
  31. The Translation Wars
  32. Lent- A Season For Finding Ourselves Again
  33. 10 Biblical Purposes for Fasting
  34. To the Outrageously Fabulous Parents with Your Kids in Church: I Salute You
  35. Stop Making God’s Guidance So Complicated by J. Lee Grady
  36. Celebrate Life
  37. Is Easter Pagan?
  38. Insanity or Grace
  39. The Question That Changes Everything
  40. Build My House and I Will Build Yours
  41. Postures in Prayer
  42. Christians, Drugs, Alcohol And Coffee
  43. Turning The Bible Into An Idol
  44. “Hypergrace” or “Antigrace”?
  45. A Blessing
  46. Christians and Legalism
  47. Seven Steps To Healing
  48. Discipline and Faith
  49. Franic Frangipane: Surrender of the Vision Keeper
  50. The Path of Christian Maturity
  51. Spiritual People and Spiritual Truth
  52. Faith and Money
  53. We Forget
  54. Heart And Mind
  55. Did Jesus go to hell?
  56. Christian Porn
  57. Niceness Is Evil
  58. The Kingdom of God
  59. The Seduction of Religion
  60. How's Your Prayer Life?
  61. Passion, Love and the Kingdom of God
  62. The Story of Three Princes and a Dragon- A Parable
  63. Faint Praise
  64. Welfare and the Spirit of Poverty
  65. Tattoos And Interpreting The Word Of God
  66. How to Tell a Cult From a Genuine Church
  67. The Incredible Freedom of Grace
  68. Grace Of The Kingdom
  69. Moving Into The Presence of God
  70. Discipleship Articles
  71. god chaser
  72. Which Bible?