The End Is Nigh!

After months of lockdowns, restrictions, and unprecedneted attacks on freedom, the Covid pandemic is nearly done. I am so looking forward to ditching the masks for ever - as soon as I put one on, I feel my whole body tense up.

I am thankful to be living in New South Wales which has generally gone through the panic with a lighter touch than other States. We have kept open borders and minimal lockdowns. Other States have scorned this lighter touch, but we are coming out earlier than those states.

So, God willing, by December there will be very few restrictions in force. We can get back to life as normal.

Covid has been a great disruptor over the last two years. Many have died, others have become extremely ill.

For christians, the Good News is that even in this messy tme, God has been with us and contrinues to be with us.Of all people, we have the right to be hopeful. 

As we move towards summer, Christmas, and freedom, remember that our God is greater - greater than the virus, greater than the Government, greater even than death.