If you love the Lord, then the world will hate you.

The Bible uses the word “world” in three different was, as we do in English:

  • the physical planet on which we live
  • humanity in general “God so loved the world…”
  • the system of culture, governance and business that operates independently of God, and often in opposition to Him.

It is that world as system which hates all Christians.

Andrew Thorburn was on Monday night announced as CEO of the Essendon AFL Club. By Tuesday he was fired.

His huge crime was that he is also Chairman of the Board of City On a Hill Church, a church which describes itself as being in the Anglican tradition.

Apparently back in 2013 somebody there preached a sermon that was against abortion and another person preached a sermon that said homosexuality is a sin. He was not the preacher of either message, but merely associating with such people is an unforgivable sin.

Dictator Dan Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, condemned him as “hateful” and a “bigot”, currently the worst judgement that can be bestowed on a person by the State of Woke.

So he resigned before he even started,

For the axe of Cancel Culture to have fallen so swiftly, it is clear that there was a “dirt file” already in existence. There are people who are so dedicated to destroying christians that they have already done the research on those whom they hate.

So the AFL, and organised sport more generally, justify their actions by wanting to make the sport inclusive and diverse. Their inclusion and diversity will come by excluding Christians.

The world really does hate you.

Any christian who works in an organisation big enough to have an HR Department now needs to have a Plan B.

Churches and other christian organisations, especially schools, also need to consider what might happen if the Government takes exception to their beliefs, which they will.

We live in a culture that has rejected God’s ways, and rather than seeing the church as a comfort and an ally, it sees the church as the enemy.