Apostles and Prophets

The great revelation in my life over the last few years has been the apostolic reformation of the church.
I have written about it, preached about it, talked about it.

There is great grace in the restoration of the office and gift of apostle. There is nothing like the love, nurture and encouragement that comes from a spiritual father. This is so different from anything that institutional church can offer. In the institution, nobody cares aobut you, unless you rock the denominational boat.

Apostolic church is more like family than an organisation.

But like any strong leader, apostles need those who will critique them honestly. The stronger the leader, the greater the need for prophets.

What happens then when the apostle questions the validity of the prophet's ministry? What do we do when the relationship turns so toxic that the apostle claims the prophet is motivated by satan and not by God?
This is a terribly dangerous place. If the apostle is right then the prophet is in mortal spiritual danger. If the apostle is wrong, the apostle is in mortal danger.

It is natural for the apostle to push the prophet away and for the prophet to stay away nursing hurt and anger.
But it is precisely the opposite that is needed at this point. The apostle needs the prophet and the prophet needs the apostle. At the place where hurt is threatening to separate, truth requires them to be reconciled.

Without the grace of God this is impossible.

But with God all things are possible.