Ephesians 1:8

“that he lavished on us in all wisdom and understanding”

God has “lavished” His grace upon us. The word “lavish” always makes me think of a child pouring outrageous amounts of topping on her ice cream. It is generous, abundant, and over-indulgent.

God does not give us just enough grace to live this life and then scrape into heaven by the skin of our teeth. His grace is lavished upon us – abundantly, pressed down and running over.

God pours out His grace, which is His love, mercy and provision of supernatural ability. With God there is always more than enough.

The feast in heaven is a wedding feast, a celebration with an abundance of food, drink and dancing. There is joy in God’s Kingdom because God lavishes His grace.

No holding back! It is all full on with God’s grace.

The awesome power of the world’s great waterfalls illustrate this. The water at Niagara Falls in America or Victoria Falls in Africa goes on for ever. It is limitless in its volume, and it falls with power over the edge of a mountain.

My local equivalent is called “Dripping Rock” where water flows after rain, and even in drought there is still a drip of water.

We often think of God’s grace as like Dripping Rock- a scarce quantity doled out to those who are good. But God’s grace is Niagara, where you get a good soaking even if you don’t deserve it because that is the nature of grace.

This grace is lavished in all wisdom and understanding. It is not a foolish act, although it may seem so.

God loves all people, even those who are set against Him. He wants them to be reconciled to Him so He pours Himself- His grace, love and mercy- into them. He knows that if we can only see His heart of love, some will turn to Him. That is not an expense it is an investment.

We were once alienated from God by our guilt and fear of judgement. He sent Jesus to pay the price of our sins and to declare an amnesty. Our sins are forgiven. Now we can come to Him not as Judge but as Father.

Who would have thought of such a plan but God who is Wisdom? He gave us a way back to Him, a plan for salvation, a way of reconciliation.

Wisdom is the ability to find the best way in life’s decisions. Whenever we make choices, we choose between options which either build us and others up or else pull others and ourselves down. Wisdom allows us to see consequences of choices, and to prefer the best for others as well as ourselves.

Understanding is the ability to take hold of information and see why. There is a difference between a child who memorises a series of movements and one who dances. There is a difference between a person who memorises a mathematical proof and one who sees why it is important.

The Lord lavishes grace upon us with wisdom and understanding. He sees the thirst in our souls for Him, and He gives Himself to us.

Key points from this verse:

  • There is no limit to God’s grace

  • God holds nothing back from us

  • God lavishes His grace with wisdom and understanding