On the evening of Sunday March 11th, 2018 I was the preacher for our small night service. The passage I was preaching from was Ephesians 2:1-10. After I read the passage, I said, completely unexpectedly, “I believe there is a greater depth to the Book of Ephesians than anyone has yet seen, but the Lord is going to open this letter up over the next decade, and it will change the church.”

I believe that this was a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit for the whole world-wide church.

Over the next few days, these words kept coming to me over and over with the prompting, “Why don’t you start?” Feeling I had nothing to lose, I sat down with my trusty Greek-English New Testament. I prayed, asking God to reveal His insights to me, and started reading and writing the thoughts that came into my head.

Wow! The thoughts and insights just came flooding into my head as I read each word in verses 1 and 2- and that’s the “skip over to get to the meat” part! It was as if I received a “download” of revelation from the Lord, it came almost instantly and steadily.

I don’t pretend this is in any way God’s word for the church, but I believe it is God’s word for me. Perhaps it is God’s word for others also. Regardless, I pray that there will be a blessing in reading this.

This is meant to be read as a devotional piece not an academic or expository piece. That is, I am not trying to analyse the text from a literary-critical perspective. This is meant to be filtered through the heart as much as through the brain.



Lord, I believe that you have new and deeper revelations to bring to us from this part of your word. This part, perhaps more than many parts of your word is a “Holy Spirit book”, It defies the plain understanding of the words, at least to my rational mind.

So Father, Son and Holy Spirit, precious Trinity, I ask you to bring the revelations that I seek. Speak to me, Spirit to spirit. Let me see you and hear your voice as never before. Amen.