Effective Cell Leadership 6- Share the Vision

A leader will often have a vision long before other people get it. In fact, the only way other people will even see it, is through repeated exposure to the leader's vision.

Catching a vision for group multiplication goes through a number of stages:

1. Ignorance- "what's he talking about?"
2. Assent or intellectual acceptance- "I can understand what that means."
3. Grasp the possibility- "I guess that's possible."
4. Ownership- "This is my vision too and I will help make it happen."

As well as these cognitive stages, people will have emotional reactions for all kinds of reasons- fear, rejection, cynicism, apathy, anger. We need to recognise that emotionally processing the vision is a part of the journey for some people.

Stating the vision means more than just saying words every week. Saying the words will get people to an intellectual acceptance about multiplication. It may even get them as far as believing that on December 31st the group will change.

What is needed is for group members to own the vision for themselves, to see that it is a good thing, even a God-directed thing. We need members to be as committed to the goal as we are.

You know that happens when people speak without prompting of the vision as a reality that is going to happen.

It does take a lot of work from the leader and regular sharing of the vision. When people catch it and own it then the group can grow towards that goal of growth and multiplication.