Effective Cell Leadership 4- Meeting With Assistants

In this series I am writing about ten key factors in helping a cell group to grow and multiply.

One important and often overlooked factor is the need for the leader to meet with his or her assistant(s) to talk about the group and to pray.

Doing this regularly tells your assistants that they are valued and that you really do have a leadership team in your cell group not just a lone ranger leader.

It also gives you a chance to pass on your own wisdom to them, preparing them for the day when the group multiplies and they have their own group to be responsible for.

For the last two years, I would meet just for a few minutes each week with my assistants. We had to fit the meeting into a ten minutes work break so we had to be quick and efficient. In that time we would quickly discuss how we thought the group was going, any concerns we had and hand out assignments for the coming meeting. Then we would pray for the group members. Ten minutes is less than ideal, but it is much, much better than not at all.

Leaders are sometimes reluctant to get their assistants involved because of the time commitment. We are all busy people, but I see this as an investment of time in my people and my cell group. The trick is to find a regular time of about 30 minutes (even less if necessary) when you can help your assistant grow to be able to take on more. 

Cell ministry is about creating disciples who make disciples. Part of that process is investing yourself in those whom God has given you to multiply the ministry.