Effective Cell Leadership 3- Assistant Leaders

One feature of an effective cell group is the appointment of one or more assistant leaders.

Why is this important? If you consider all the different things a cell group leader is supposed to do, it is a full-time job. We need to share the load.

A good assistant leader will help a cell leader by covering the leader's gaps or weak points. We are all gifted differently and we are at different stages of life. It might be difficult for the leader to contact members each week but the assistant might have more time. A leader might be gifted at doing some things but not others, so the assistant can help out with their own area of expertise.

Appointing a person to be an assistant means that you are preparing for the time in the not-too-distant future when the group will need to multiply. One leader will no longer be able to carry the load for two groups. It also send a message to the members that the group is serious about its vision to grow.

Perhaps the most important thing about having an assistant is that shared leadership or shared ministry is a core cell value. In the cell group we don't expect one anointed leader to be the "Man of God" with all the revelation and all the power to do all the ministry. That is an old-style understanding. In the cell, we share ministry so that all are able to bring their contribution. Sharing responsibility for the leading of the cell is part of this way of doing things.