Effective Cell Leadership 2- Praying for Cell Members


One of the most effective things that a cell leader can do for their cell members is praying daily for them- it costs nothing except time and thought. Bringing people before the throne of God grants them access to all the power and grace of the Father.


Being in a small group, seeing them regularly and talking together means that we have a pretty good idea of what is happening in our people's lives- their joys and challenges, their work and home.


Of all the people in a church, cell leaders are in a unique position to intercede for our people.


Getting started can be difficult, but once you get into a routine, it is surprisingly easy to keep up.


People have various approaches to praying for cell members, but it all comes down to thinking of the individual person and lifting his or her situation up to the Lord, regularly.


You might use a prayer journal or a list. You may prefer to go around the group in your mind, perhaps where people usually sit.


The starting point will probably be your daily devotional time. If you have other times that you engage in regular prayers, then that might work. I vividly remember from thirty years ago, a stay at home mum saying that she associated different parts of the housework with different people on her prayer list. If you drive any distance regularly dedicate part of the trip to prayer for your group members.


While interceding for group members as individuals is vital, we need also to pray for the group as a whole- for the way different people interact and relate to one another. Don't just leave this to a few minutes before the group meeting- a daily covering for the relationships within the cell will work wonders.