Being a God Chaser

One of the influential books in my life lately has been "God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney.

You know, many people say they want to follow God, but it's always with conditions- if God blesses me, if God does this- or we do it but still do what WE want to do. Many christians say they want revival- but it's got to come according to their ideas, times and preconceived models.

Being a christian is a lot more than going to church or knowing lots about the Bible.

To be a real Christian means to say "God I'm yours. Use me in what ever way you want." It means forgetting about my agenda and running after God's agenda for me. It means letting go of my plans, ambitions and desires and letting God's plans, ambitions and desires rule in my life.

It's what Jesus called "dying to self" and what Tommy Tenney calls "seeking God's face and not his hands"

It means falling passionately in love with Jesus.

Of course we find it hard to let go of the control in our lives. But it is really exciting.

Decide to become a God Chaser today!

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