7 Step Healing Model Stewart/Brasset/Virkler

Memorize Key Words: Compassion-Ask-Listen-Presence-Command-Test-Repeat (CALP CTR)

1. Express Compassion – smile, ask their name, express love to them, “Of course Jesus wants to heal you … Jesus includes everyone … you absolutely are included.”
2. Ask “What’s Wrong?” – “Where does it hurt?” and then, “May I pray for you?” – focus intently on one item at a time.
3. Become Still & Listen to God – Ask, “How should I pray for this person?” Relax, smile and receive, tuning to flowing thoughts and flowing pictures as your eyes are fixed on Jesus. If no special revelation bubbles up, then minister healing based on the promises in the Bible and Jesus’ example of healing ALL. Maybe ask the client, “How long have you had this and what event occurred at the time this problem began?” To receive words of knowledge, you should ask for them, receiving any “miscellaneous” information the Lord may want to reveal through the above means while also tuning to spontaneous emotions, spontaneous bodily sensations, and spontaneous pictures/words of body parts. Step out in faith and lovingly share them.
4. Invite God’s Presence – His Compassion & Power to Heal – “Lord, pour Your love and healing power on this person. Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence.” With your eyes open, watch the person for signs of the Holy Spirit moving upon them (eyelids flutter, become flushed, gentle trembling, peace). NOW, the love and power of the Lord is present to heal! (Lk. 5:17)
5. Command the Healing in Jesus’ Name – Lay your hand on the infirm spot (be sensitive when praying for opposite sex). Command the affliction/pain to leave. Use short prayers (10-20 seconds). Both client and prayer counselor are to stay relaxed and smiling so you do not block the flow of the Holy Spirit. Maintain this attitude: “Healing is easy because Jesus has already done the work.” (Isa. 53:4,5; Ps. 103:3; 147:3) “Because Jesus is alive, tonight the blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear.” Rebuke demons and command pain to go. Speak restoration and normal function of all cells and body parts. “Function normally in Jesus’ name!” See God’s light penetrating the area. You focus God’s healing light on the infirm spot just as you would focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper so that the sun’s rays are intensified and start it on fire. God’s focused healing power releases miracles (Lk. 11:34-36; Hab. 3:4). You are simply declaring, believing and seeing His divine energy penetrate the area.
6. Test It Out – Invite them to thank God for the healing as they do something they could not easily do before. Miracles manifest as they step out in faith, believing, thanking (Mk. 11:22-24) and receiving in childlike joy. As the lepers went, they were healed (Lk. 17:14). “Get up and walk.”
7. Repeat: Pray a Second, Third and Fourth Time – If you pray and you see no visible change or you see a partial healing, then pray again (immediately) until you have prayed 3-4 times and either they are completely healed or you note no further improvement (Matt. 7:7,8; Lk. 18:1-8; Mk. 8:23-25). These prayers do not need to be any longer than your initial prayer. Close by praying a blessing. Finally, be sure to determine if they have ever invited Christ into their lives. If not, lead them in a simple salvation prayer.