The Body

It's an awesome thing when a congregation becomes a community that ministers life to one another rather than relying on the "professional" ministers.

Of course, this is like an iceberg- so much remains out of sight. Occasionally one gets glimpses of what God is inspiring people to do.

Sometimes I see people praying for one another after the celebration service on Sunday or after cell group.

Sometimes I hear of people giving generously to our appeals for development projects in India or to aid groups such as Compassion or Samaritans Purse.

Sometimes I hear of people exhorting and encouraging one another to move higher. Just recently I heard of someone who was talking to a person who struggles with tithing- not in the sense of disagreeing with the concept or being too poor to spare the money but rather they find it hard to part with the money every week. The discussion ended with "Come on. I'll take you to the ATM now and you will have the cash to put in tomorrow."

Sometimes I have people call me and say, "I'm just sharing this Bible passage with someone and I'm not sure about this. What does it mean?"

This is what Paul wrote about when he described the church as the Body of Christ. Every member is carrying out a ministry as the Holy Spirit leads them.

That is powerful. Nothing can overcome that kind of faith which is lived out in everyday living.