Effective Cell Leadership 10- Transparent Sharing


The aim of a cell group is to develop a community in which people are free to talk about what is really happening in their lives.

When we only share superficially, there is no opportunity to minister the love of God to those who are hurting or struggling.

Cell group questions should aim to encourage sharing of feelings so that people are encouraged to go deeper in their sharing. Cell leaders need to model this so that other members of the group will see that it's OK to admit to being human.

As we build up the sense of love and acceptance in the group, people will know that they will not be judged or rejected for talking about reality.

One of the great tragedies of church in the 21st Century is that so much store is placed on image. People are encouraged to be "victorious" and "joyful" always projecting the air of an overcomer in Christ in order to be a "good witness." So people can come to church wearing a big smile while all of the time their life is falling apart.

Cells provide an opportunity for people to be honest about their lives and receive prayer, comfort and support.