The strength of a cell group lies in the relationships that are established between meetings. Just as church is not just about Sunday mornings,so a cell group is not just Wednesday or Friday nights.

The most effective cell leaders take time during the week to contact the members of the group to encourage or exhort them.

It doesn't matter how you contact them so much as the fact that you do it. Use any communication method that you are comfortable with- phone, text, facebook, personal visit. Some people are starting to use Google Plus hangouts which allow several people to connect simply through their mobile devices with just audio or video.

It is a good idea to share this with your assistant in order to spread the load and to teach them the importance of this aspect of leadership.

Some people are easier to contact than others. Some people will have a more natural relationship with us. Some we see more than others.

These are good, but don't overlook the people who are further out on the edge. Make a special effort to reach them each week.

It only takes a few minutes to put out a few words per person each week or fortnight, but it can make all the difference in establishing your group as a community.