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Speakers: Alan Clarke , Brad Cork , Grant Mison , Greg & Susan Nash , Jesse Weekes , John Alley , Joshua Bates , Keith Bates , Kelvin Stace , Kerry Medway , Kerry Nipperess , Luke Longworth , Margaret Bates , Margaret Baxter , Mark Saines , Premnath Samuel , Rozina Mison , Russell James , Steve Stewart , Sue Walker , Susan Nash , Tania Baxter , Troy Cooper
Title Speaker
The Farmer And The Field Troy Cooper
Fast Like Jesus Keith Bates
Give Pray Fast Keith Bates
True And False Prophets Keith Bates
Following King Jesus Keith Bates
God's Influencers Margaret Baxter
Wisdom & Worship Keith Bates
slaves To Children Keith Bates
Christmas 2023 Keith Bates
With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible Keith Bates
Advent 3- Rejoice Always Keith Bates
Someone Greater Keith Bates
Gifts And Advent Keith Bates
Lift The Ceiling Off Your Faith Tania Baxter
Service Not Works Keith Bates
Authority and Submission Margaret Bates
Jesus- Ruler Over All Things Keith Bates
Worldview- Creation or Evolution Keith Bates
Your Hands Work Fpr God's Kingdom Kelvin Stace
Jealousy Keith Bates