Cell Group Meeting 12

New Believers- Hearing God

1. Relational God

Welcome (Ice Breaker)

What was the most memorable communication you ever received?


Crystal and Adam to lead this week.

Word/ Witness

1. Homework. Did everyone read Galatians? Any problems? Any questions?
2. Were there any opportunities to talk to people about Jesus this week?
3. Read John 10:1-18. What strikes you abut this passage?
4. From your understanding of Middle Eastern agricultural practices, what was the relationship between shepherd and sheep? In what ways was this an analogy for our relationship with Jesus?
5. In vs. 4-5 Jesus talks about the sheep knowing the shepherd's voice. What does he mean by that?
6. In what ways does God speak to us today? Can you think of a time when God spoke in this way to you?
7. What are some of the things that make it hard to hear God?
8. We are going to spend some time now just listening for the quiet voice of God. Don't be afraid to hear God's voice.
9. Spend some time praying for any needs that come up.

Cell Group Meeting 13
New Believers- Hearing God
2. Listening Prayer



What colour would you paint this week? Why?


Kerry & Josh to lead this week.


1. Homework. Did everyone read Acts 1-9? Any problems? Any questions?
2. Were there any opportunities to talk to people about Jesus this week?
3. How are we going with the idea of listening to God?
4. Read John 8:42-47. Who is the father of the Pharisees? Why does Jesus say this?
5. What does Jesus say about God's children?
6. What are the ways God speaks to us? Bible, internal voice, audible voice, visions, dreams, other people, revelation- you just know.
7. Process for listening prayer:
a. Enter presence of God-- consciously make that step
b. Confession-- clean out the garbage!
c. Praise & Adoration
d. Listening Intercession.
e. Write down your prayer and what you sense God may be saying about it. Don't analyse, don't try to get the exact words right... just right the thoughts that you think God MIGHT be saying.
f. Repeat for other points

g. Check it out! Test against scripture. Ask God for confirmation if necessary/


Organise our next outreach event... a barbecue in May?
Who are some people we can invite to cell group?
Talk and pray.