Keith 02/10/22

I saw hundreds of people lining up for baptism. People of all ages, from Primary School age through teenagers, families, even older people in their 80’s and 90’s.

The Lord is coming in revival power. Many, many people are going to come into the Kingdom.

No longer will you be praying, “Lord send revival.” No, revival will come to you, and you will pray, “Hallelujah!”

At that time it will be easy for people to be saved, for the power of the Evil One to hold people in bondage will be dissipated.

People will find their eyes opened in an instant, and they will ask in amazement, “How could we have been blind so that we could not see the Lord?”

There will be joy in the church and joy in the town.

The strongholds are coming down!

There is a flood coming – flood of my Spirit. I will come in like a flood with power and cleansing. “I will be the water for baptism,” says the Lord.