A very powerful demon spirit in the form of a young girl had a very powerful hold of control of a house. It was so powerful that people who she didn't want to approach the house were stopped and even killed.

My prayers directed at her had no effect on her.

I though about hitting her with my staff (a stick, really) but I thought that would look bad- me hitting a girl with a stick. So I started song praying- singing prayer and commands towards her.

She mocked me and taunted me and laughingly ran from me around and through the house.

At first nothing happened, but slowly it seemed that she wasn't as carefree as she had been before.

As I kept persisting in my song prayer- it took a while- she didn't have quite as much power, and my praying singing seemed to have more authority. This continued until my prayer song has much more effect. I took her staffs away from her. She had two of them, although I seemed to end up with four staffs that I was swinging around.

By now I had some control of where she went. I commanded that she could not enter and so could stop her from going into the house.

Although she was still outside, the demon was quite worried now.