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No Insignificant Part- Chrissy Baldwin

July 9th 2016

Take my hand, let me lead you, beckoned the Lord

I awoke and said, “Lord bless this day”, He smiled and said, “I bless every day. Some days you just don't take as much notice.”

When we needed to consider our church as a body and how all parts of the body serve a purpose, someone felt they were an inadequate body part, “a big toe.” The Lord wants you to know that the big toe serves a fundamental purpose in balancing the body while standing. It also provides additional leverage to the foot whole walking or running.

Other “useless” body parts:

  • tonsils- fight bacteria

  • adenoids- produce antibodies that help fight infections

  • appendix- acts as a safe haven for helpful bacteria. The body can use this to reboot the immune system.