January 1st 2013- Rozina Mison

2013 will be a time of special anointing.

Over the years many have lost their way but are now back where I have called them to. Pray very specifically into the vision of 1000. This year will bring growth if you are faithful. Pray for people by name as I show you who is to be a part of the 1000. Ask for the picture to become clearer. Ask for the faces to be shown to you that you would know who you are to pray for.

The 1000 people is not just a number but each is a person who is being called home by me. Do not pray for people to come generally, but pray for the specific people I direct you to. Each person is called to pray for different people. As those people are saved, I will show you more.

Do not be satisfied with where you are, but press in to me, let my Spirit guide you and show you.

Pray for dreams and visions. Pray for revelation. Pray for souls, for salvation.

I have not forgotten my promise; it will come to pass.