October 22, 2011- Susan Nash.

A few weeks ago, God showed me a large white bucket over Narrabri, poised as if about to be poured . God told me the bucket was about the cleansing, the pouring out of His Spirit which was coming- just as He has said in the past.

Last week God told me I was to anoint the sign posts of the town, also the mountain and the river. I was to consecrate Narrabri to God and to His purposes- to seal in the physical that which He has said in the spiritual. The apparent recent rise in lawlessness is a precursor to that which is about to happen in the opposite spirit.

Last night at the start of the prayer weekend, I anointed the signs and the river with oil. In the picture Isaw myself anointing the speed signs and that is what I did- the 50 speed limit signs at each entrance to the town and also the sign that says “Welcome to Narrabri- a great place tog row.”

At the time nothing spectacular happened- I was just trying to be obedient.

This morning I was looking at some symbolism for certain things in the Bible and in dreams. The common symbolic meaning of 50 is a symbol for liberty, freedom and Pentecost. These are the signs I anointed!