Susan Nash- Sacrificial Living

Let's not wait for someone else to pray down the grace of God. Let's not just pray for revival and walk away. “We are each our own stimulus package for revival”- Graham Cook.

Father once again I present myself to you as a living sacrifice. I choose to climb on to the altar and surrender myself to you. Father I ask that with your holy consuming fire you will burn away all in me that is not leasing to you. May you burn within me until all that remains is what is a fragrant offering to you, that brings glory to your name.

I thank you for Jesus and for the cross. I thank you Father that you tore the veil. I thank you that we can now approach your throne with confidence, washed and covered in the blood of Jesus our sacrifice. Father I choose not to hide from you, rather I choose to step closer to youieving that real life is only found in you.

My testimony tonight is that the manifest presence of God is in this place. Surrender and ask Him to consume you with His fore. There is plenty of room at the foot of the cross.