October 22 2011- Margaret Baxter

Be not one who shrinks back from the Presence of God Almighty. Draw near to Him with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts cleansed from guilt.

Encourage one another in the difficult times as well as the good.

Persevere in righteousness, humility, grace and acceptance of one another and see what the power of God can do with ordinary people like us. May our worship give and reflect the glory of the mighty God we serve, the one and only Saviour, Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus we lift up this community of Narrabri Shire from the youngest to the oldest, and we pray for your Victory and sovereign hand be released to work miracles of repentance, forgiveness, healing and deliverance in each and every person. May this region be transformed, purified, cleansed and delivered from the powers of darkness and brought into the glorious light of Christ, this generation and every generation that follows until Christ returns.

Church arise, shout His praise
Bring forth glory and honour
To the risen King, our Lord Jesus Christ
For ever and ever. Amen and Amen!