May 16th 2010- Sue Nash- Dream

Sometimes I wonder when a dream is from God and when it isn't...Other times it is just so obvious that the Spirit inhabits and directs a dream. This was one of them:

Last night, our church was preparing to meet together. This was just as Keith was due to arrive back from somewhere (?Canada-It seemed in the present). However, we were unable to gather in our usual primary schoolroom for some reason and when I arrived we had started crowding into an infants type room. This room was way too small in 2 ways – first it just wasn't big enough in dimensions – we had lots of people, including a number I didn't know. The other way it was too small was the sizing of the desks. We had grown people trying to squeeze into kindy size seats and trying to fit at kindy size desks. It just didn't work. I sat on the floor and just managed to find a space big enough for me.

Then, I saw Keith entering the back of the room. I raced up to him, gave him a hug, welcomed him back and managed to express in words how it was so good that he was back 'cause he was my Dad and Narrabri is a better place when he was in it. As this happened I could sense the Spirit ministering to me in a really deep way....and that was my dream!