Army of the Lord- Susan Nash

I see an army of men rising. Rising from the dust, from the parched arid ground. I see them brushing the dust from their clothes. It takes a little while for them to rise, for they have been down a long time. Some have been wounded, some were dead, some had been tending the fallen, and some had just been on their knees, arms outstretched, pleading with the Lord of heaven and earth.

But now, all of them are rising in unison. For the commander of the army has given the word. It is time. It is time to stand together – there is strength in numbers, danger in being alone.

It is time to stand as one – no matter why you have been down – whether you were dead, or wounded, or caring for the wounded, or interceding – come together as one, just as you are, for you are the army of the risen Lord. The Lord says it is time to rise. The Lord says it is time to rise as one. The Lord says it is time to raise your swords and shout – for the battle belongs to the Lord. The Lord is calling you to battle. Can you not feel it in your heart, beating through your very being....

'Men, arise and be strong. The victory is mine. The victory is yours to secure. Start marching, swords raised to do battle'.

It doesn't matter if there isn't many of you – so long as each who is called responds – responds to the call of the Lord