November 7th 2009- Rozina

Community is a precious and unique experience. It is a blessing for all my people but few experience it.

There is so much fear- fear of letting go, fear of trusting others. So much hurt exists and people just do not know how to relate. You are so lucky; you have listened to my call and you are walking in my anointing but there is so much more.

Even in all of you there is much fear. How much will I ask you to reveal? How much will others ask of you? How much will they want you to give? The answer is everything- give everything, hold nothing back, hide nothing, it is a scary journey but you will enjoy blessings you cannot even imagine.

Walk slowly. Wait for the ones who are slower than you. Do not run ahead. I desire you to walk together.

Make a commitment to one another that however hard, however scary you will continue to walk in my paths together. There can be nothing that cannot be forgiven, nothing that cannot be talked about. Don't be afraid to ask, to confront each other.

You must learn to love as I love- love without limitations, without expectations. Love in a way that forgives and trusts again, love that gives honour to everyone, that understands all moods, all fear, all worries, but encourages others to overcome. Love that does not run ahead or lag behind, love that does not compare or find fault but is honest and trustworthy. Love that will die for someone else.

Test your love by asking would you give your life for another, until you can truly answer yes for each person that I call to this community. This love takes time; it is developed by going through hard times together. Sundays and cell groups are not enough to develop the sort of community that I desire for you The experience of the big events you have together should be an every day experience. You should be relating on a daily basis. Do not let technology and other forms of communication take over from relating face to face on a daily basis. To grow in love you need to share with me at the centre of all you do.