November 7th 2009- Troy Nipperess

I address the spirit which controls the government

God's laws are binding just like his covenant

When man lives for man the outcome is destruction

Yet when man lives for God his works are used in construction

I pray against man's alteration of God's foundational laws,

For the God-breathed words are without flaws.

"To have a people after my heart is my desire," says the Lord. "To know its depths and rhythm- to know what brings it joy and gladness- to know what brings it sadness, hurt and grief. It is no stranger to rejection for so many desire that which it is contrary to it.

"Within it springs the well of intimacy yet too few hunger for its touch instead finding satisfaction elsewhere. So many times it has leapt for joy only to become heavy with disappointment as it sees its pursuers muddied by love for themselves and a fallen world,

"O repent confessors of godliness! For I desire a people after my heart!" says the Lord. "A people steadfast in their devotion to me, a people that will not turn to the left or to the right, but in unity of heart and spirit desire me above all others and all things. A people not prone to harlotry and unfaithfulness, for you have been set apart," says the Lord. "A Bride unblemished and without spot, a light tot those in darkness, a hope to those lost in hopelessness."

"O repent confessors of godliness! For it is a people after my own heart that I desire," says the Lord.