February 16th 2008- Rozina

This church will be a community, it will not just be a doing, it will be community. You will be a people who are one, a people that will fulfil the prayers I made before my death.

A community of 1,000 may seem impossible but with me all things are possible and if I will it, it will happen.

You will begin now. I begin to ask different things of each one. Some of you will find them easy and not understand others' struggles, but each of you is different and you will find difficulty in different things. Do not look down on others as they struggle, but carry them and they will do the same for you. Whatever you value, whatever you prize, be prepared to let go of it and let me replace it with something even better.

I have seen your faithfulness over the years, how you have struggled with the new, how you have struggled to love each other, struggled to forgive, to let go and move forward. Soon you will see the fruit of your struggles. Continue to love, even when it is difficult or when it is rejected. Learn about grace, struggle to understand how much grace I extend to you as individuals. Know that however much grace you are required to extend to others, I have extended much more than that billions of times over to every person who has ever lived and to those billions who will live in the future. Not one of you will ever be expected to be able to forgive as much as I do, and as many times as I do. My grace is so huge that it covers every sin ever committed and that will ever be committed.

Relish this journey I am taking you on through grace. It will mean you need to face your failings, the things in your life that need grace. In facing your own need you will be able to extend grace to one another and to those who do not know me.