April 11, 2007- Keith Bates

Narrabri, O Narrabri,

Home of many true followers of Jesus.

You have been brought into existence for a purpose, a destiny, a place of importance beyond your apparent size.

You say "Who am I, a town of 7000 people to have a destiny?"

I the Lord say to you "I have brought you into existence, placed between mountains and plains."

Many in this age have chosen the way of the "high places" , the places of idolatry rather than true worship. There are many, even in your churches, who claim to follow me, yet prefer the ways of idolatry- the idolatries of wealth and power and success. But I will call them to account.

Even now there is a harvesting taking place. The bushes are being shaken to reveal the true crop. The fibre is being compressed and stretched and cleaned.

My people I am doing this to you also, to rid my church of the sin and shame that has dulled its glory. As cotton is cleaned and spun and bleached until it is pure, so i too will clean and spin and bleach you until you are clean.

Then you will arise in this land and take up your right place.