Rozina June 22, 2003

My people, I long to come in power but your hearts are not turned to each other. You must love no matter what the cost. It will continue to be difficult if you do not get right with each other. This grace of mine to get right with each other is only for a period and the period is drawing to a close. Others in Narrabri have great need of me and I will not wait for ever. I want to use you but you can choose to ignore my calling.

Relationships are the most important aspect of your call. You have all been called to bring unity to my church in Narrabri and in the nation, but if you cannot have unity amongst yourselves, then you cannot take it to others. Consider others better than yourself. Do not hold onto any bitterness or resentment. Do not think yourself hard done by. I have poured blessing after blessing into your lives and I desire for you to bless others.

Do not hold back; give of yourselves; show each other the places you would rather keep secret. Each of you has secrets you would rather not face, but I am calling you to face them and share them, for it is only in openness that the darkness can be defeated. The more you hide, the longer you hide, the more chance the darkness has to grow. Do not let the darkness grow for I cannot dwell in the darkness.

Be accountable to each other and hold each other accountable. Do not be afraid to bring gentle correction, but make sure there is love in your heart; love for me and love for your brothers and sisters.