Rozina June 15 2003

My children, you are called to be a people of worship, people who worship in many different ways. Do not become set in your ways, but be open to new ways and different ways. If your hearts are open to me and full of praise and adoration then any expression will be good.

Do not be afraid to try different things. As you open different parts of your lives to me, our relationship will develop; and as your relationship with me develops so will your relationships with each other. Your relationships with one another must mirror your relationship with me.

As you build tight and trusting relationships, others will be attracted and revival will begin. While your relationships are no different to others in the world there is nothing to be attracted to. Many of those who are not yet part of my family have relationships that are better than yours, better friendships than yours. This is not my will for your lives.

You must love one another as I love you. You must be prepared to die for one another. Do not hold onto bitterness or resentment. Tonight is a night for forgiveness and reconciliation with each other. The longer you are not right with each other the harder it is to come back. Do not let tonight go by without me bringing peace and harmony into your lives. Do not let the sun go down on your anger but keep short accounts. Don't wait for somebody else to take the first steps towards reconciliation but take the first step yourself.