August 2002. Raise The Sails

This is a sort of progressive revelation and developed over several days and through contributions from various people, including members of New Life and members of the IRN Prophecy forum (

Keith wrote:

Hi everyone.

I want to share something and ask for responses and clarification in the Holy Spirit.

This afternoon at a Pastors' prayer meeting at my house, a friend in the middle of praying said "Keith it's time to raise your sail. The wind of the Spirit is blowing and you must raise your sail."

This pastor's church is experiencing a move of God at the moment, and I really believe that what He said is from God.

The picture that I get is not a little sail but a big one- like a kite- surfer, where you have a big parachute propelling someone across the waves on a relatively small board.

I've been seeking the Lord, calling out to Him,"God what does this mean? How do I do this?" I am desperate for God, hungry for His presence in our church... but I need to know what do I have to do to raise my sail.

I'm looking for some prophetic insight here! The Lord's shown me 4 dimensions to this sail:

1. Honour, respect and humility towards God and His anointed leaders

2. Bold obedience- do what He says now and don't make excuses!

3. Spirit men and women not fleshly- directed by the Holy Spirit not by what's comfortable

4. Staking everything on the faithfulness of God- no safety net, plan B, no reservation or qualification.

I am feeling frustrated because I know all this stuff, I preach it and live it... but it doesn't seem to catch on in all my people.

If some of you Spirit- people have some insight to offer from God I would like to hear it! I have the big picture, I just don't know what I am supposed to do next!




Shirley Worden wrote:

In times of calm seas when there is no wind the sails are dropped and the vessel is becalmed. The moment you feel a breeze you raise the sails and you start moving forward.

I believe God is saying that His spirit is about to blow through you and unless you raise your sail you shall miss this move of God.

As this wind is spiritual you can not see it in the natural but the Lord is asking you to believe it is coming by faith, and raise your sail.

A sail has one purpose to catch the wind for forward movement. A sail is always attached to a boat to allow it to move but without the wind of the Holy Spirit it is useless.

I believe the Lord is saying you have been in state of becalm and you have dropped your sail and He is saying raise it again because you are about to move, by the wind of my Holy Spirit I shall move you.

Luke 8:22-25

John 6:16-21

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Denise wrote:

Hello Pastor-Seems to me you are doing this very thing as we speak.

Besides what Shirley says one other thing comes to mind.

Prayer, you know the kind that is communion with God, hearing and then praying as His Spirit gives it, this is a part of unfurling those sails. It cannot be 'just' you, but the people must also come with you in this.(even just some of them)

I am motivated to pray this for you, us, and the congregation: SS 1:4 'Draw me (us)! We will run after You! The king brings me into His apartments! We will be glad and rejoice in You! We will recall [when we were favoured with] Your love, more fragrant than wine. The upright [are not offended at Your choice, but sincerely] love You.'

I also believe this 'move of God' has already begun, as they all do--within--in the deep places, but will come out and be more visible as well...

Love, DD

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Vicki Camp wrote:

Bless Keith,

As you've stated you already have the 'big picture' here, so I will not add to that, and others here have said good stuff on that too.

Your word received was rather self-explanatory...the Spirit IS blowing, you must simply raise your sails and receive / go with.

I understand your 'wanting to know' what to do next, as this word leaves you with the sense that *you* must *do* something to make this all happen. In reality, God is saying the wind of My Spirit is already blowing mate!

So, might I humbly suggest, as I sense from Lord, that perhaps this sail raising is just and simply that you raise your arms in surrender (really, and spiritually speaking also) to receive HIS' Faith, Believing.

In this word you received, Lord is most concerned with Keith; It is *you* this word is for, you see? ...Do not worry about your church, but YOU receive, .... the sheep in your under-care will then follow Jesus as they see HIM in you....yes? But for now, *you* are to receive of HIS' Spirit...yes.

Receive and then REST in what HE gives you. As I understand it there is a lot of work to actually sailing a boat, but the 'picture' to an onlooker is one of sublime joy sailing, when a sailboat or board is seen, that is,-- restful, one of rest as the wind carries, *HIS' Rest* ... Very beautiful to observe in the natural and I'm sure exhilarating to experience.....mmmmm

I am going to post a word from Cheryl McGrath (Australia following this, just recently released - addressed to the shepherds. I haven't even read it all myself yet, and I don't know if it will apply to you or not, we shall both see - and perhaps others here will benefit from it, too.

~ Vicki C.

Bill & Vicki C., WA., U.S.A.

"Write the Vision"

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Keith wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts everyone. It's all quite exciting. There is some stuff happening, that suggests that the breeze is blowing. We've had a dream for a long time of using our church building as a kind of drop-in centre where people can come in for coffee and chat. On Monday a fellow literally "dropped in" looking for counsel and after he talked for some kind we prayed and without knowing anything about us he mentioned "signs and wonders" following my wife and me- this was an exact phrase that I got in my first ever prophecy before we were married!

Yesterday, we were able to make some changes to the outside of our building which are necessary for it to be more welcoming. Also some friends have asked if they can use the church for a gathering after the (Catholic) funeral of their mother. So today the building looks like a coffee shop, which is what it's meant to look like.

Also, and this is really "freaky" (in the best God-sense!) yesterday in a computer article there was a report of a new operating system being released in China called (I think) "Lanyang" or something like that which means "Raise the sails"!!!!! Has God got a sense of humour or what?

There's heaps more I will share later but I have to run now. Thanks to all who have shared their insights... it's been really helpful.


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Keith wrote:

Thanks everyone for the encouragement that you have offered... it's great! Isn't it an awesome privilege to have this tool of the internet to bear one another's burdens. Praise the Lord!

We had a great morning today in church. For the first time in months I felt that the presence of God was there. We've been hit hard by some demonic attack this year and it's been a struggle at times... but this morning was great, the Lord's presence was so sweet. As one visitor said "The anointing came as soon as the singing started." I believe that we are just at the beginning of the runway as far as that is concerned... the manifestations of God's presence will increase in the weeks ahead.

I shared this morning about those four values that I mentioned in my first post, just encouraging people to get their lives in tune with the Spirit. The Lord revealed to me even while I was preaching that revival in my little town (Narrabri, New South Wales Australia- population about 7000, located 500 km north of Sydney), is going to come as individuals live out the power and fruit of the Spirit in the world... it's not about meetings but about salting the world and each individual taking Jesus to their home, school and work.

I think we are starting to catch the wind of the Spirit.

Tonight one of our young fellows in church said that he saw me raising the sail on a boat, but it wasn't attached to the mast at the bottom so instead of being filled by the wind, it flapped. He said to me "I'm not very good at this prophecy stuff, but you've got the sail up and it's ready to go, but the church has to be in place too, otherwise the boat won't go anywhere."

So what have I learned from these very simple few words? Lots!!!

1. My reaction was based on fear of missing out on God's blessing. I'm a choleric personality and that means I'm "driven" by a work ethic... if someone prophesies that I have to do something, I've got to go ahead and do it NOW!!! My earthly father is a perfectionist, and I think that deep down I have this fear that I'm likely to let God down by not getting it perfectly right... something to constantly be aware of, and repented of.

2. All I can do is my part, which is to raise my sail... worshipping Jesus, obeying the Spirit. I can't make others do their part, only God can get the rest of the church on board. My part is to encourage, lead, exhort etc.

3. It's a time of trusting God like no other time in my life.

4. Part of the meaning is a literal meaning to raise a literal sail, meaning a shade structure which will draw people into the ministry that we have here.

So we keep on following Jesus! I do believe that the Holy Spirit is moving in my town, and in my nation. He is doing a "new thing" something which will see this nation transformed, and what a joy it is to be a part of God's purposes.