May 22, 2001 Cross In The Sky Over Narrabri

Today, I felt what could only be called a divine frustration in my heart, a sense that has been growing for some time now, that I need to be doing things differently in my life, bit without seeing what I should be doing.

I felt that the Lord was saying I should walk over to town (a distance of 3 km) and pray as I walked.

As I was walking I saw a cross form in the sky to the north east of Narrabri. This cross was made up of two jet vapour trails. The first (the upright of the cross) had passed several minutes before and the length of the trail was about half the sky. The second making the cross piece was made as I watched.

There was some turbulence in the air, and it seemed that the vapour trail would not last. In fact, behind the plane, it fell away quite quickly, but near the cross it persisted. As the plane made its journey across the sky, I thought, "That vapour trail will cut out when the cross is completed." It did!

The cross was almost perfect in proportion and in the angle of the two lines. Despite the obvious turbulence in the air, the cross lasted for an hour! Vapour trails rarely last that long in this part of the world!

A third plane crossed the foot of the cross about 45 minutes later, but it was quickly blown away, leaving the cross. This third trail represents the deeds of men which we try to add to the cross- they fade quickly but the work of God endures.

This all started at about 10.45 a.m. and the cross was formed and visible at 11 a.m.

During my walk I was led to go down to the Namoi River... this is the river, not the Narrabri Creek which flows through the middle of town. In Narrabri the main flow of the Namoi goes down Narrabri Creek, which is actually an anabranch (i.e. it splits away then joins up downstream of the town). Usually there is very little water in the river bed except when there is a flood.

I was drawn by the stagnant water. There are several small pools in the river bed. The Lord said that these represent the different churches in Narrabri- different sizes, different exposure to the Holy spirit. they also represent the different times when the Holy Spirit flows.

It is dry at this place, yet on the other side of the road there is more water- it dries up just past the Buffalo Lodge.

We need to get to the Source, the Head of the River, the fountain spring. we need to learn to dwell in the presence of God.

The thing about this is that no one can say how to do it for anyone else... we need to learn for ourselves. we think we are rich, yet we are poor in God's eyes. We each need to be rich in the Holy Spirit.