Prophecy. February 21, 2000. Susan Nash. Spiritual Strongholds in the Region

There is a spiritual struggle for this region. This I have told you before. the scale is intensifying as I prepare to move in power. Many people are feeling this battle, including some who have never identified such before and have no idea what is happening. People sense unrest but do not give it correct origin or meaning. It is not just about off days or feeling unwell or being tired. It is about a fight- one in which you are soldiers without choosing to be. Alert my people that they are an army. Teach them and encourage them to fight- even as you are just learning. Be blatant about the truth- this isn't the time for sitting back and waiting, but for rising and stepping forward with my sword and spirit.

As leaders you are in a position to lead. Now is the time to do so. If you sit back and unhappily watch what is happening, so too will your people- whilst the enemy moves in more and more. Stand up and fight. If you see something and sense it is not of me, tell it to flee in my name. If you sense a battle, fight it in my name. Do not fear the reactions of man, but rather be fearful of disobeying my promptings.

Your role in my plans depends partly on the degree to which you fight now. Those who stand in my victory are those who will reap the rewards of that victory. the victory shall be this region- a turning to me as this generation has not seen. you will be amazed and astounded at what you shall witness- but now is the time to rise in unity and fight. Nothing will be achieved without unity- in your church, in your leadership, in your relationships. Do whatever is required to be at peace with each other and with me. Again it is a time to not sit back and wonder, but move forward, believing in the need for restoration. If you are divided in any way, none will stand. Do what needs to be done.

Rebellion must be dealt with. The roots of this are many, including relationships with past churches and leaders. Regardless of what you might think about various authority structures, I call my people to submit and to love. Yes, I called you to leave the Uniting Church, but not with a rebellious attitude. do not think yourselves better than those who chose not to come with you, for that is pride.


Man of God, rise up and be strong. I call you to lead your church. Be brave and be willing to stand before the people I have given you, leading them with the power and authority I have given you. I have given you discernment. I am adding to that boldness- to speak, to challenge, to confront, to cast out the evil one, to set people free in my name. Do not stand back being afraid of losing people- if that happens it will only be for a time that is necessary. Any who are lost will be restored. Now is not the time for letting fear of individuals control your words or actions, but it is time for being bold in obedience to me.