Prophecy June 10, 1997. Rozina Mison. Boldness in Activating Gifts

The following prophecy was given to Rozina on June 10, 1997. After she submitted it to Keith, we felt that it was sufficiently important to print it and distribute it to our people. Please pray about this message and ask God what you should be doing.

The weekend was a powerful and releasing time for all of you. I have changed all of you and you cannot go backwards. I will work through you all in new and powerful ways.

Do not be afraid to pray for people. Begin to ask those you have been praying for what they want prayer for. I will answer and they will want to know more about me.

Be afraid no longer. I am calling you to step out in faith. As you step out I will empower you, but not before. I do not give gifts so they can be stored away. They must be used. If you do not use what I give you, I will give it to someone else.

Do not wait for the vision to happen. You must go and act. Do not sit around waiting, I am calling you to be people of action. The time for waiting is no longer. As you act, so will I. You will see mighty things, but only to the extent you are prepared to act.

Do not be afraid to embarrass yourself or to look foolish. In time it will be those who have not been obedient who will continually look foolish.

Continue to look to me, but be sure to walk in my ways and not stand still. I love you and each of you is precious to me.