Prophecy 15 October 1999. Rozina. Submitting to God's Vision

As a church you must desire to live in my presence. Only as you live in my presence can I work with you.

The less concern you have for me and the more for the world the less you will see me doing. I chose to work through you people so you must be ready.

Do not concentrate on what others are doing or what I have done elsewhere. I want to work with you but you must be ready.

Some are resistant to Keith's leadership and this is slowing things down. I have placed Keith and Margaret over you and you must respect them. You must submit to them for this is my will. I will give those who are not submitted time but my work will not be delayed forever. Those who will not submit to my ways will be left behind, just as those who did not come when they were told are left behind. Make sure this does not happen to you.

Submit to Keith and Margaret, live under their vision which is the vision I have given them. Put aside your own visions and I will make sure they come to pass.

The time is coming quickly when I will begin my work. Do not be impatient for I want all to be part of it. All must seek my presence so that you know what I want you to do. The things I ask you you do and the things that will happen will be unusual but do not dismiss them. Listen to my voice and be obedient. I have called you and chosen you and put you together for my purposes. The rewards will be great, but for those who miss out the sorrow will be great. Pray for each other that you will pass the test and be found faithful.

You are all precious to me and I want what is best for you. Trust me.