Cell Ministry

Cell Life

In biology, a cell is the smallest unit of life. Your body is made up of millions of cells, all of which carry your DNA and all of which contribute to the functioning of your body.

In church life, a cell is a small group, usually numbering 5 to 14 people, which meets regularly to worship, read the Bible, to pray for one another and to pray for people who do not know Jesus.

These simple activities lead to growth in the quality of our walk with Jesus. We can encourage one another and prompt one another to do better in the Lord. Because we meet together often, we form deep friendships which can help us to keep moving forward with God, especially in times of crisis.

A typical cell group meeting runs for about 90 minutes and follows a four fold agenda:

1. Welcome. An ice breaker may be used to stimulate discussion and to break down barriers between people.

2. Worship. In worship, we turn our eyes upwards to God. He is the reason we are here. He is the reason we live. He needs to be the focus of our lives

3. Word. We read the Bible together as it is the revelation from God above all others. It teaches us about who God is and how we should live as we try to follow the way of Jesus.

4. Witness. Every cell group is charged with the responsibility to make disciples. We pray for people who are not saved. We look for ways to include our friends in the group. We plan special events specifically for the purpose of including people who are not yet members of the group.

Sometimes a particular need of one of the members comes out in the discussion. At those times, we divert from the set agenda and we take time to minister to that need in whatever way we can.

Cell groups are awesome expressions of the love of God made real in the lives of individuals. If you are not part of a cell group, join one today. You can find details at our web-site www.new-life.org.au