Cell church is, as we all know, more than getting everybody into small groups. You have to train leaders, coach them, encourage your leaders, organise an equipping track, produce cell meeting agendas.

Along the way it is easy to let some things slip.

This year, I am going to be more conscientious in coaching meetings with my leaders, as well as visiting the various groups. These are just two things that the Covid pandemic disrupted for me.

While our groups mostly managed to meet except for a few weeks, I found that the all the new things that I had to cope with (online meetings, videoing sermons etc), took so much energy that I had no ability to do these other things.

The third thing I am going to restore this year is the Equipping Track, or Growth Track as we are calling it.

Our first attempt was in a cell group which ran for two years, which was probably too long. A few years later, I ran an Equipping Track as a series of classes on Sunday afternoons. The problem with this approach for a small church is that it only takes a couple of people to miss a class, and you are wondering if the session is worth it.

We have an increasing number of people on shift work and a number of parents with young children who find it hard to attend every week at a particular time. We have some tradesmen who might be called out to a break down at any time, so they find it hard to commit to in person classes.

In 2022 I am planning to offer the Growth Track on video. Participants will then be able to access the material at times that suit them. It is possible that some cells groups might choose to do some of the modules in their group time then discuss the content together.

My hope is that in the course of this year most of my people will pass through the Equipping Track and be ready to take more responsibility.

Facilitating or pastoring a cell church is not difficult. In fact it is a lot easier than being the sole expert that many more traditional styles of church expect.

But I do have to ensure that I keep my eyes on the main goal of equipping disciples to be disciple makers.