The Power Of Tongues



The power of tongues is this: it helps your spirit ta[p into the flow of the Holy Spirit. The idea of “flow” is important here. You are continually getting the “flow” of :

  • your cognitive thoughts

  • your emotions

  • Holy Spirit

  • the world

  • satan and demonic spirits

Like a social media feed, these things are scrolling past you in a constant stream.

You can be overwhelmed by this kaleidoscope of impression on your spirit.

Stop the scroll! Turn to Me. Filter out everything but My Spirit.

In quietness and meditation is your strength.

When you speak in tongues, it filters out satan and the world. When you listen to Me, it filters out your own thoughts.

There is power in verbal spoken out prayer. There is power also in praying in tongues.

There is amazing power in listening to My voice.

Hear me. Listen to Me.