Last Sunday I preached about Jesus’ ministry of healing. At the end of the sermon I asked people to stand if they wanted to receive prayer for healing. I then asked for other people to lay hands on them while I prayed for healing for those standing.

I didn’t do a check up to see if anyone was healed, but I will be asking for testimonies next Sunday, and I’m hoping to hear some good stories!

Something happened during the week to make me wonder if more people should have asked for prayer. I’ve been thinking about the thought processes that sometimes hold us back from seeking healing. I’m not even thinking about people who deny that God is involved in miracles these days.

Some people think their problem is too small for God to consider. These people never heard the words of Jesus about our Father caring even for sparrows. (see Matthew 10:29)

Some people think their problem is too big for God. They think God could raise Jesus and Lazarus from the dead but can’t heal cancer. (see John 20)

Some people are embarrassed about their conditions and don’t want other to know about them. I’m sure  the lady with the problem with bleeding overcame her embarrassment and the religious declaration that she was unclean and anyone she touched would be unclean. (Mark 5:24-34)

Some people think deep down that God really does not love them because they are unimportant or because of shame about some sin that they feel unworthy to ask Him for anything.

I was praying this afternoon and I felt that God put this into my head:

If you mothers know how to put Band-Aids on your children’s imaginary injuries because you love your children, how much more will your heavenly Father heal your real injuries because He loves you?

It is so hard to really believe that God loves us extravagantly and wants to heal every wound- physical, emotional and spiritual- but it’s true. And when we start to take that risky step of thinking “What if it is true?” then we start to see healing and miracles and joy and love and peace abounding in our lives.