Big Questions

Do you ever stop to think about the really deep questions of life? Our secular culture tries to distract us with endless scrolling, loud entertainment and shiny gadgets. So most people avoid thinking too hard.

There are three questions that any person or group has to wok out about life.

1. How did we get here?

You might think that everything is random and that you are just a collection of chemicals. It doesn’t make you feel too good about yourself though. The Bible tells us that everything was made by God and that every person is uniquely designed by Him.

2. What am I here for?

Some people think life is just about making a buck and looking after your family, maybe watching the footy and having a beer on the weekend. If you think that you are just a random collection of chemicals, maybe that’s as good as it gets.

Some really smart men in the 17th century wrote the Westminster Catechism which was a series of FAQs about faith. The first question they asked and answered is “What are we here for?” and the answer they gave was “The chief end of men (and women) is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever.” That’s a big answer that gives us a bigger sense of purpose.

3. Where are we going?

Our culture avoids the issue of death. We hide it away in hospitals and nursing homes. The reality is that we will all die. So what happens next? Is there some purpose for my existence that goes beyond the grave? When you have gained 60 or 80 years of wisdom and knowledge, does it all just get deleted? The Bible tells us that everyone who follows Christ will be raised up to eternal life with him. Death isn’t the end of life but a new beginning.

When we sort out these questions, our life gains purpose and meaning. It is the “abundant life” that Jesus promised to give to us when we trust in him.