Who's Your Saviour?


I  just finished watching the final episode of the current series of Doctor Who (Series 3).

I've been watching the Doctor since it started in the 1960's and like many boys of that era, spent many a Saturday evening being terrified by the Daleks and the other evil creatures trying to destroy the universe.

The current series has had a more explicitly chrstian influence than any other series I can remember, and tonight it all came powerfully expressed- although it wasn't quite "Come to Jesus".

The Doctor's evil nemesis the Master (who never seemed quite as chillingly evil as the original from the 1970s), has captured the Earth and the Doctor. He has reduced the Doctor to impotence by aging him several hundred years and has him locked in a bird cage.

The Doctor's companion Martha has evaded capture and travels the world on a secret mission.
Finally she falls into the hands of the Master just before he is to launch millions of rockets to start a war on the rest of the universe.

So what has Martha been doing? She has been telling people all over the world about a man called the Doctor who has saved them more times than they know. He just wants one thing from them in return. At the time of the final countdown they are all to think just the one thing- the Doctor.

So Martha tells the Master all of this as the clock is ticking down. He says "You would defeat me with hope and love- and a prayer?"

Well yes that's all it takes. The prayer breaks the psychic bond that has held the Docotr and restores him to his true youthful and strong self.

They overcome the Master- but what to do with him. All those present want to kill him, but the Doctor tells them they are better than that. The Doctor will take responsibility for restoring the Master. This plan is thwarted when the Master's human wife kills him.

Powerful stuff!

Christians have indeed conquered evil all aorund the world by simply telling a story of hope and love. The power of God's response to evil is that he chooses to love and to forgive even those who crucify Him, rather than trying to overcome evil with violence.

All through the episode there are little pictures of grace, right down to forgiveness and unconditional love.
Doctor Who as a parable of the gospel- who would have thought it?