The Grace of God

What is the grace of God like?

It's like a drought stricken farmer who goes to the bank with the expectation that they are going to foreclose, only to discover that a wealthy competitor has paid his debt in full. Then going home to find a truckload of seed and a brand new tractor left at his shed.

It's like a man who loses his job, misses payments on his mortgage and then gets a letter from the bank. Fearing the worst he, refuses to open it for several days. hen he finds "Amount Owing: $0.00"

It's like the teenager who runs away from home with Dad's credit card. When he's maxed it out on fun in the big city, he comes home expecting maybe to share the kennel with the dog. Instead he gets a big "Welcome Home" party.
How big is God's grace?

Maybe if you've tried to kayak solo across the Pacific, you can begin to get an idea of its size (and its unpredictability).