Special Religious Education (SRE) in Schools

New Life Christian Fellowship Narrabri Incorporated is a recognised provider of SRE. We participate in SRE or Scripture in the local Public Schools in a co-operative arrangement with the other churches in Narrabri. 


For Primary Schools, the age appropriate curriculum we use can be found on the Christian Education Publications website. We use the following materials:
• Beginning with God (Infants)
• Connect (Primary)
• Big Questions (some upper Primary classes)

In Narrabri High School, SRE is provided for Years 7 and 8 through the NarrabriHigh School Ministry. The curriculum for these classes can be seen on their web-site.



As required by the NSW Department of Education and Communities our Leadfership Team is required to provide authorisation and accreditation to all teachers representing New Life in the schools.



This simply means that the Leadership Team has given a teacher authority to teach SRE on our behalf. As SRE classes are cross-denominational, the pastors of each church jointly authorise the SRE teachers  from all churches.



This is a training process by which we ensure that SRE teachers are familiar with child protection, classroom management and doctrinal issues so that they are as eqipped as possible for this important ministry.

You may view our SRE Teachers Accreditation Policy here.