Myths About Domestic Violence

Myth: If a woman doesn't like it, she can leave
Fact: It's not always possible for a woman to leave.
Reasons for staying include fear, financial, because of the children

Myth: Alcohol consumption causes violence
Fact: Alcohol is an excuse, not the cause.
He can drink with his mates and not get violent with them.

Myth: Violence happens mostly in poor people's homes
Fact: Violence occurs in every economic and social group.

Myth: You only hurt those you love.
Fact: Love does not include violence.
"Tough love" does not mean bashing your partner.

Myth: Violent men cannot control themselves
Fact: Men can control themselves- this is just an excuse.

Myth: Some people lash out in their anger and just can't help themselves
Fact: They don't fight their bosses or co-workers who make them angry.
Why is a spouse different?

These myths all allow abusers to shift responsibility
for violence to the victim or someone else.

It is never OK to hit or intimidate your spouse!